Friday, November 19, 2010

DUBTRONIX MIXSHOW: Dubstep/Future Garage/ UK G Classics!!!

Heny G.- Candy
Mensah & Eddie K- Steady As She Goes
Joker & TC - It Ain't Got A Name
Ginz- Boss
Mensah- Pulse 80's
Gemmy- Johnny 5
Plastician- Magma
Jakes- Justice
Mensah- Stapleton Road
Baby D.- Let me Be Your Fantasy (Mensah Remix)
Sentinels- Love Rhythm
Sentinels- Spirals
Ghost Town DJ's- My Boo
CJ Reign- Yaadein
Submerse- Hold It Down
Xxxy- This Much
Ike Release- Jenova
Falty DL- My Friends Will Always Say
C.R.S.T.- Walkin' Tall and Mighty (Roof light mix)
8th Note- I'm Home
MJ Cole- Sanctuary (Tame Man Remix)
G.O.D. Limited 5- More I See You
Anthill Mob- You Should Have Known (4x4 Mix)
MJ Cole- Flava Fever
Veda Simpson- Ooh Baby (Todd Edwards Mix)
Jhelisa- Friendly Pressure (Sunship 4x4 mix)
Bump & Flex- Long Time Coming
Jamie Grind- If You Want
Doc Daneeka- Electric Sandwich Rhythm
Lone- Angel Brain
KidKut- Lilt[/b]

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