Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a Funky 'Ting! Mix (UK Funky/ BASS)

Attacca Pesante Ft. Shea Soul- Make It Funky for me
Skepta Ft. Jay sean- Lush, Lush (Fuzzy Logik Remix)
Diamond Feat. Sophia- Fly Away
Rudimental Feat. Natalie May- Sexy, Sexy
Fuzzy Logik Feat. Egypt- In The Morning
DVA- Feat. Alahna- I'm Leaving (DJ MA1 Remix)
Ill Blu Feat. Shanique- Say Yes
Major Notes Feat. Melody- Loving You
Wiley- Never Be Your Woman (Solo Loves Garage Mix)
Geeneus Feat. Ms. Dynamite- Get Low
Lou Rip- End of the Free World (Tactic Remix)
Emvee Feat. Bonjay- Glitch Feisty Rub
Egyptrixx- Drive U Crazy?
Vboiz Feat. Jaide- Hooked On You
MJ Cole- AO (Zed Bias Wind Up Remix)
Boris Dlugosch- Bangkok (Roska Remix)
DVA- Nasty, Nasty, Nasty (Roska Remix)
Lil Silva- Different
Ruff Loaderz- Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Lil Siva Remix)
Platinum- Love Shy (Crazy Cousinz Remix)
Delerious- Truthful

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